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Process: Contact Centre (Unassisted RPA)


  • In contact Centre industry, there are High volume business processes.
  • These processes are originated for customers via online portals and emails.
  • It is directed and processed by Contact Centre staff during core business hours.
  • Business Volumes compared throughout each month and had a service level turn a round of 2-4 days.
  • These Processes needs to interact with multiple applications in real-time such as CRM, Sales force, Oracle, Service Now, web portals, email, excel.
Contact Centre Case Study


  • The robot logs in as an employee user to the online portal and its email.
  • Robot checks for requests of the customer, extracts the data as per type of request and validate data.
  • Robot then logs onto the required applications as employee user and completes the transaction as per the processed request type (to the design) requested by the customer.
  • Once the process has been completed successfully then robot emails the customer with the appropriate updated enquiry of transaction.
  • Robot then creates a log file of processed transactions and emails them to the nominated business unit.
  • If a transaction fails for any reason the Robots transfers the enquiry back to the nominated business unit to complete the transaction (i.e. records not found).
  • If the transaction fails to complete due to an application not being available the Robot will re-try again and notify the business unit or service desk of interruption.


  • Degree of successful operation: 70-100% effort is automated
  • Significant improvement of Service Levels varies from 2- 4 days to same day.
  • Now 24/7 operation can be done (previously 8am-6pm weekdays).
  • Customer acknowledges ‘Improved Customer experience’.
  • Significant reduction of operational costs to half.
  • Improved scalability rate.
  • Quality is improved and 0% error rate is achieved.
  • Improved staff retention –the human resources are reduced to high volume low-value work to focus on complex/higher value work only.
  • ROI (return on investment): 4 months.
  • Higher standardization of process is used.

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