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Process: Hotels and Restaurants


  • In Hotels and Restaurants, High volume business processes are done.
  • It is originated for customers and contains departments like internal departments, hotel management software’s, staff management and external portals.
  • It’s directed and manually processed by multiple teams for support including front, office accounts, housekeeping, back office, maintenance, management, kitchen, inventory and Reception.
  • Labor intensive as manual interaction of multiple data and information sources is required.
  • 360-degree view of customers and data sharing across the organization for verification and reservation is required.
  • Customer satisfaction is essential to the organization.
  • It also needs improved efficiency, productivity and data management.
  • Processes need to interact in real-time with multiple applications including hotel management systems, web portals, external websites, excel, and emails simultaneously.
Hospitality Case study


  • The Robot logs as employee user to the online portal, emails and management systems.
  • Robot checks for request from the customers and extracts the data as per type of request like Initial data validation/cleansing are done.
  • Robot then logs into the required applications as employee user and completes the transaction as per the process request type is given by the customer.

  • Robot goes through the internal management software’s as well as public websites in order to obtains the required information.
  • Once the process has been completed successfully by the Robot it sends email to the customer and respective departments with the appropriate update about the enquiry.
  • The Robot creates a log file of processed transactions and emails it to the nominated business unit.
  • If transaction fails for any reason the Robots transfers the enquiry back to the nominated business unit to complete the remaining transaction (i.e. records not found).
  • If the transaction fails to complete due to an application not being available the Robot will re-try and notify the business unit/service desk of the possible interruption.

Hospitality: Use Case


  • Improves Customer experience to satisfying results.
  • Significant reduction of operational costs to half.
  • Degree of successful operation: >75% of effort is automated.
  • Improves in accuracy, reliability and data management across hotel chain.
  • Improved scalability (On-boarding Robots 15 min vs Human 6+ weeks).
  • Quality improves and 0% error rate is achieved.
  • 24/7 operation is done, all 365 days of a year.
  • Increases pricing competitiveness and also improved booking and services level.
  • Reduces the risk due to rapid inventory and order management.
  • ROI (return on investment): 2 months

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